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Charlotte / Diane:    Breeding /  Showing / Training / Caring


Char-Will Kennels is located outside of  New Ringgold, PA. Here, in this wooded setting, surrounded by quiet farm land, your pet will receive the utmost in care and comfort while you're away.


Founder, Diane Buhl, lives full-time on the property and grew up in a family that loves dogs.  Her mother, Charlotte Williams, bred and showed German Shepherds Dogs and Flat Coated Retrievers for over 40 years.  Your dogs will receive 24/7 supervision by Diane, who is a certified pet CPR/first aid instructor and a humane officer. You can be sure your pet will be in a safe and knowledgeable environment during his/her stay at Char-Will.


At 8 years old, Diane began working beside her mother (a 4-H Leader, Trainer, and Founder of Char-Will Kennels), learning how to raise and train dogs for the Leader Dog Program when it was still in existence.  That led Diane into her life, in which she has extensive experience, of working with animals.  Over the past thirty years, she has worked at veterinary hospitals and shelters in many capacities.  She started working early on as a Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Attendant, gradually working her way into Shelter Management, Animal Control (as a sworn Humane Officer) and as a State Dog Warden and Supervisor.




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